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June 30, 2021

Church: A Highly Dangerous Rehab Facility for Child Molesters

Church: A Highly Dangerous Rehab Facility for Child Molesters

Of all the places that could offer a second chance to people who sexually abuse children, The Church is arguably one of the most dangerous. This is not solely because abusers are often put back into leadership roles there, or because those in leadership tend to be blindly trusted by congregations; it's not even because there are children present on most church campuses. Rather, the church inadvertently serves as a catalyst to sexual abuse recidivism thanks to a perfect storm of bad theology, lack of legal oversight, mistrust of science and a voracious appetite for redemption stories. We discuss on today's episode of Survivor Sanctuary.


Released Sex Offender Charged with Sexual Abuse of Two Boys
Convicted Child Molester Sentenced to 17 Years in Federal Prison
Conversations with a Pedophile by Dr. Amy Zabin

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