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One of a kind

This podcast is validating, easy to listen to (as in, she has a great speaking voice) but full of hard things. I have leaned a lot and felt less like I’m the only one who has experienced abuse in the church and the consequences of that. Thanks, Kelly!


As an abuse survivor, Kelly and her guests bring clarity and truth where I need it the most. Hearing the stories of others and the truths they have learned is a huge help to me. Thank you, Kelly, for investing yourself and risking your own vulnerability. You are making a huge difference!

Love this podcast!

As an abuse survivor I appreciate her healing words. But as someone who also wants to help others I find her insights invaluable. We all walk different paths and no two journeys are the same. She has so much wisdom to share that helps me understand others too.

Very healing podcast.

I have really enjoyed this podcast. The stories are real and the way Kelly shares her story really speaks to me. I feel as though Kelly gives me the voice I haven’t been able to have for myself.

Powerful voice

So grateful for a podcast that talks about some much needed Truth for a “taboo” topic. Sexual abuse needs to be brought out into the light—for healing from it and for ending it.

A Must-Listen for Pastors

As a pastor, I know how much Christians need to hear the truth about abuse and how much the church has not been the safe haven so many survivors need it to be. The realities Kelly so clearly explains are never easy to hear, but her heart, tone, and genuine love for people AND the church come through loud and clear. Kelly, thank you for your vulnerability, for your concern that others find healing along with you, and for Jesus’ name to be honored, both among abuse survivors and inside his church! Listen to this podcast. Share it with everyone. It’s time the church became Jesus to the world.

She Gets It

So many people have no idea how to help or speak to survivors. Here I have found truth, validation, and resources as I walk my path of survival. This is also a good resource for those wanting to help survivors but they don’t know how.

Very educational and eye opening

As a teacher I have a very unique place in the lives of many kids. As I gain my students trust they eventually come to me for advice or to vent and I want to be ready for all situations. I am also listening to this podcast as a way of better understanding the signs and how to help if I know a child has been abused. Last year I dealt with a situation of emotional child abuse and I only recognized it because I had been taught the signs before hand. Thank you for this resource and helping me to better understand what some children and adults are dealing with silently. I am also a long time church member and I have never heard anyone talk about, much less help children or adults with sexual abuse recovery. I have unfortunately been privy to churches sweeping things under the rug and allowing the predator to keep working around children. I believe in forgiveness but that DOES NOT mean forgetting or allowing it to happen again.